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Let's help a fellow athlete this Black Friday!

This year, Serge and I wanted to do something different for Black Friday. 

We want you to meet Lindsay Hilton. You may remember her from when a video of her performing the first workout of the 2016 Crossfit Open went viral in March of 2016. 

In our very first podcast, Lindsay sits down with Jordan and shares how Crossfit continues to challenge her and why being 1 of only 5 people in the world to qualify for the Adaptive Athlete category of Wodapalooza means so much to her. 

We are asking all of our MegaNut customers, that if you planned on buying a jar of our world famous peanut butter this Black Friday, to take that money and donate it to Lindsay to help get her to Wodapolooza. 

Lindsay has already reached 50% of her fundraising goal of $5,000 and I know that we can help. Here are some links to follow and support Lindsay:

The full interview is below. This was our first time podcasting so please bare with us :)  If you did enjoy the interview and think someone else will too, please share it and feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Black Friday!

Jordan & Serge



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  • Charlie David on

    Great podcast and inspiring story! Let’s get this awesome athlete to Wodapolooza.

  • Badass WOD Wear on

    Thanks for the great PODCAST and the shout-out for Lindsay. Badass WOD Wear is a proud to have Lindsay Hilton as part of our family of athletes. SUPPORT HERE: bit.ly/SupportLindsay or visit: www.badasswodwear.com

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