100% Dairy and gluten free high protein nut butters made in Canada. Free home delivery in Toronto.
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About Us

Serge (right) and Jordan (left) started MegaNut in 2015. As a HIIT athlete, Serge was always looking for ways to up his protein intake without always using the traditional protein shakes. We also wanted an easy and tasty way to get our daily protein that we couldn't find on the market. 

We originally made our products with Whey protein, however, we decided to eliminate all animal protein from our products due to our customer's frequent requests for a vegan option. We also wanted to do our part to help reduce the use of animal protein because of the meat and dairy industry's impact on the environment and climate change. We launched our plant protein enriched, high protein peanut butters in July of 2017 and we haven't looked back.

We make our products with a lot of love and passion. We love what we do and listening to our customers stories about getting in shape or hitting new personal goals really makes it all worth it. Knowing that MegaNut is playing a small role in your success means the world to us.

Whether MegaNut has become your go-to breakfast food, or you keep it in your purse to satisfy cravings during the day, or you add MegaNut to your post-workout smoothie, it really means the world to us that you trust us to be apart of your day.

As we grow our business, we will continue to release new healthy snack products that you won't feel guilty about eating.  

Eating well makes you feel great, but its not always easy. MegaNut will help you meet the challenge and kick your day off to a great start!

Thanks for supporting the dream!

-Serge & Jordan


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We would love to hear from you! To get in touch with us please email meganutsales@gmail.com or reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram.